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There are 500 million indigenous people who live in more than 90 countries and own or occupy a quarter of the world’s surface area. While these diverse populations comprise only six percent of the world population they make up 15 percent of the extreme poor with a life expectancy 20 years lower than others.

In a unique partnership between WIN and VERIFIED CREDITS (and associated entities Tesla Climate Capital and the Tesla Carbon Bank), an exclusive opportunity for alleviating such poverty has arisen through an innovative program of voluntary carbon credits—an approach consistent with ancient Indigenous cultural and environmental views. With WIN, clients can contribute to fighting climate change while earning substantial carbon credits revenue on their land.

This program is also available to private land owners. All land owners are provided with better information and a better process to monetize increased value on their land holdings.

It’s a WIN when Indigenous and private landowners take Climate Action.

It’s a WIN when we all can benefit by being stewards of responsible growth, thought and actions to promote sustainability.

  • Have your land assessed in detail to determine how many tons of carbon are being removed from the atmosphere annually—every ton of carbon removed is a carbon credit or CER (Certified Emission Reduction) and is valued and traded like a commodity.

  • As long as you don’t develop that land to remove the trees or plants locking up carbon you receive an annual payment.

WIN and Verified Credits have a strategic partnership with United Cities—to support the UN 2030 Sustainable and Net Zero Agenda Worldwide. Indigenous poverty and its terrible outcomes and the Carbon Credit Program are of the highest priority.

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