About WIN

WIN is a wholly-owned Indigenous Company. In an exclusive partnership with
Verified Credits, WIN helps Indigenous Peoples

and private land owners secure carbon credits over the lands they own. By agreeing to leave the natural greenery of their lands undeveloped and wetlands untouched, they can collect an annual annuity. For large Indigenous land owners this can amount to a treaty settlement every year.

Verified Credits LLC is the leading carbon credit exchange and registry that supports a range of sustainability initiatives–from offsetting global emissions to achieving Net Zero targets. They are dedicated to this mission which lies at the heart of their 2030 Sustainability Agenda; the UN plan to ensure a more sustainable future on planet Earth. 

Verified Credits offers carbon credits with the highest level of certification—accredited and approved by the Institute for Global Education. As a United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) NGO, IGE rigorously verifies and validates all qualifying projects that generate sought-after carbon credits before they are registered on the Verified Credits exchange platform. A stringent process that ensures only those initiatives aligned with sustainable development goals make it onto the Verified Credits registry–ensuring real impact from each purchase. Verified Credits follows the VERRA carbon standard.

With WIN, Verified Credits prioritizes benefits to land owners and facilitates the need for corporations to purchase voluntary carbon credits from land holders. Clients that need the credits include Google, Microsoft, etc. Verified Credits uses proprietary aerospace mapping technology through the LiDAR technology and proprietary AI to survey land and identify carbon credits. This process is fully digital.

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