Calvin Helin 
is a member of the Ts’msyen Nation, comes from the community of Lax Kw’alaams on the Northwest coast of British Columbia, Canada. The scion of a hereditary chief, Helin is an entrepreneur, lawyer, best-selling author, and a principal at INDsight Advisers. He is also a veteran of Indigenous development, an outspoken advocate for self-reliance, self-determination, and an oft-cited thought leader.

Helin recognizes that the Indigenous Peoples of the world have been at the forefront of fighting climate change since they have protected the biodiversity of the planet for millennia. He believes the new regime for voluntary carbon credits, and the emergence Indigenous Super Carbon Credits,” provides a means for them to be financially compensated for their efforts and an opportunity to  fund future conservation, language and culture preservation, and community social, economic and infrastructure programs.

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Managing Director

James is a specialist in community relations, engagement, and logistics in the area of socio-economic development with a background in the manufacturing sector and communications. He has extensive experience organizing and conducting meetings with elders, hereditary chiefs elected Councils, and corporations to identify opportunities and explore constructive community/business options.

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WIN Representatives


John Helin, British Columbia 

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Lana Eagle, Saskatchewan

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Reggie Neeposh, Quebec

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Darrell Beaulieu, Northwest Territories

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Liard McMillan, Yukon Territory

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Christian Sinclair, Manitoba 

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Michael Fox, Ontario

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Reg Mueller, British Columbia

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Vernita Helin, British Columbia 

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Travis Gladue-Beauregard, Edmonton

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United States

Andrew Ayres

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New Zealand

Te Taru White

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German Morandé

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