Why should I participate in the Verified Credits Program?

It costs you nothing and does not interfere with your lands or Indigenous rights. Every day your land is not in the Verified Credits Program, you are losing monies that could be used for the betterment of your family, community or nation.

Does the Letter of Intent bind me to an agreement?
No, it is a non-binding document.
Will I be required to pay for the expensive costs and staff time commitments for establishing voluntary carbon credits on my land?
NO. Unlike every other such program, Verified Credits pays for all such costs in exchange for a share of the carbon credits.
Having fought for centuries to re-establish our Indigenous rights and control over our lands, will the Verified Credits Program impact these critical areas?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. While some programs require that Indigenous land owners sign a contract that prevents them from developing their lands for 100 years, Verified Credits is simply the buyer of carbon credits from them. They acquire no rights over lands, nor places any restrictions on their use. The land owner is free at all times to develop their lands as they see fit.

What are the key advantages of the Verified Credits Program?
  • THE GOLD INDUSTRY STANDARD: Verified Credits works directly with the United Nations Economic and Social Council NGO, the Institute for Global Education. IGE rigorously verifies and validates all qualifying projects that generate WIN carbon credits before they are registered on the Verified Credits exchange platform. Verified Credits has built the most advanced industry gold standard program that is most flexible, user-friendly, following the most rigorous verification standards.
  • EASY ACCESS: Since it involves the voluntary market, it does not require government involvement, there ever-changing bureaucratic rules and red tape, and the substantial costs associated with the compliance market
  • NO COST: There is no cost for land owner to develop carbon credits over their lands (Verified Credits pays)
  • LAND FREEDOM: Land owners are completely free to deal with their lands as they wish
  • BUYERS: Verified Credits has its own Fortune 500 company carbon credit buyers. They can arrange for the sale of carbon credits for a nominal cost compared to the substantial fees charged by others
  • EXCLUSIVE INDIGENOUS PARTNERSHIP: Verified Credits is the only major player in the world to create a global partnership with a wholly-owned Indigenous entity
  • INDUSTRY FIRSTS: Verified Credits is the first program to:
    • Insure land owner carbon credits (where this is warranted)
    • Establish the Tesla Carbon Bank which provides a confidential and secure site for land owners to store their carbon credits until a higher market price is available
    • Have the technological ability to quickly establish certified carbon credits over large land masses. The use of qualitative and digitized data can provide underwriting results in real time compared to the traditional hands on approach. New satellite/proprietary AI and mapping technology saves time, money, and provides better information in real time which increase land owner profits.
    • Work directly with the United Nations and has built the industry gold standard program that is most flexible, user-friendly, and follows the most rigorous verification standards.