WIN has partnered with Viscon USA—a long- established fighter of climate change. Viscon is the most cost-effective, emissions-avoidance and tested, diesel fuel additive. It is considered a Super Carbon Offset Credit because of its reductions of greenhouse gases and lung-damaging particulates. It has been extensively tested and used in emission-avoidance programs since 2004. As a cost-effective strategy, it also has been endorsed by the Institute of Global Education, and was granted special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

When mixed with diesel fuel, Viscon has the following impacts:

  • Environment:
    • improves air quality by reducing CO2 emissions by 4.41% (verified, insured, and banked through the Tesla Carbon Credit registry which sets the highest standard for the most secure and reliable record of transactions)
    • reduces particulate matter (PM) emissions by 33%. The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment concluded: “… that the use of Viscon-treated diesel fuel may reduce morbidity and mortality due to pulmonary diseases, including lung cancer in adults and allergic asthma in children, caused by substances in the particles contained in diesel exhaust.”
  • Engine Performance:
    • improved fuel combustion
    • reduced fuel consumption
    • improved torque
    • reduced operating temperatures
    • reduced maintenance

If you wish to fight climate change, or improve the health outcome for your business, industry, community, or country, contact us now.

WIN has partnered with OG Biotech— a leading-edge agricultural innovation company. It has developed a proprietary eco-smart technology that converts enriched carbon sources into microbially-digested, high-quality-and–yield, organic liquid fertilizer. The technology is highly-scalable, transforming carbon-rich sources into the most effective fertilizer.

O.G. Biotech is a company with operations in three countries and focused on finding solutions to combat the adverse effects of chemical fertilizers. They develop and manufacture natural compounds that produce up to a 40% increase in crop yields and still protect the environment. The increase in the world population will require food production to double in the coming years, and the process must be careful, as the company is.

Unlike the harmful environmental contamination of the soil, waterways, and air arising from the manufacture and use of chemical fertilizers, its environmental footprint (in its production and application) is negligible. In other words, it fights climate change by massively reducing greenhouse gases, does not require strip mining lands, does not leave harmful residues in the soil, nor does it create the enormous harm to the waterways, lands and oceans experienced using chemical fertilizer.

The product, OG Alive™, is an economical, easy-to-use, water-soluble fertilizer that, besides being used in outdoor commercial farming operations, is designed for usage in indoor state-of-the-art vertical farming, and hydroponic commercial greenhouses.

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